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Portofino Birdhouse Farm Scene Birdhouse Birdhouse Lighthouse Birdhouse- Reeds
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Lighthouse Birdhouse_lg

Portland Maine Lighthouse Birdhouse

Birdhouses are made from hand-turned terra cotta pottery which is then baked by the craftsmen at Hewell’s Pottery located in Gillsville, Georgia. Each piece is then painstakingly sanded, sealed both inside and out, and then primed by artist, Bob McOsker, before he begins the custom design process. The Birdhouses literally become mini-murals as McOsker’s designs are painted completely around each piece, 360 degrees. The acrylic artwork then receives additional sealant making them perfectly suited for either indoor or outdoor use.

The Birdhouses are designed to hang, but may also be set on a flat surface. Each piece can accommodate a mount stick to be used as a perch, and there is a drain hole conveniently located on the underside. The Birdhouses weigh approximately five pounds and are about 11 inches in height.







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