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Artist Bob McOsker is the son of a savvy businessman and naturally artistic mother. For many years, Mr. McOsker and his family lived in the historical hotel where his father was the Managing Director. Located in a quaint community just north of the style and sophistication of New York City, the Hotel Gramatan would later become the subject of Mr. McOsker’s work. (click here to view the painting.)

After college, graduate school and four years serving in The United States Navy,
Mr. McOsker embarked on a successful business career. For over twenty-five years, McOsker worked with the public as an Investment Advisor.

Always interested in sketching -- particularly dogs, trains and automobiles --it wasn’t until his retirement in 2007 that McOsker’s creative abilities began to surface more prominently.

Initiated at first as a casual venture -- an art class here and there, exploration of art instruction books and videos -- McOsker soon discovered the joy of painting.

“One unexpected benefit from my artwork is that painting landscapes and seascapes has given me a greater appreciation of and perspective on the beauty of the world around me.” McOsker says.

Primarily self-taught, his artwork reflects the diversity of his background, personality and interests, ranging from the whimsical (click here to view Bob's Garden Art) to the more pristine and literal. (click here to view the gallery.)

Avid travelers, Bob McOsker and his wife, Marsha, an amateur photographer, tangibly document their keen skills of observation. Marsha’s photographs are often transformed into Bob’s acrylic paintings. (click here for paintings of Portofino, Italy and County Monaghan, Ireland.) Bob McOsker’s pieces have been featured in various galleries, art shows, exhibits and upscale retail outlets.

Bob and Marsha currently reside in the Atlanta area.







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